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Welcome to The CORE

NextCore Media dedicates to the art of digital media, ranging from social media marketing, website design, digital advertising and digital productions. We thrive to bring businesses high-quality marketing while delivering more engagement and customer interactions.

Our organization provides our expertise to two different sectors, our businesses and our Social Media Influencers


Our involvement in the business side of digital marketing is a full involved operation. The ultimate goal: to get customers through the door and buying your product/service.

With our various techniques and strategies, we can provide customized campaigns based on budget and target audience. We have proprietary creative and analytical-driven softwares to provide the most accurate data and audience statistics, so you can learn a thing or two about your audience after day one.

Our various business services include website design, social media marketing, digital ads, influencer marketing, video and photo services, SEO and more!


A new age of marketing is upon us, and it has everything to do with your social media audience and content. The ultimate goal: to help influencers grow their audience and strengthen their brand to monetize their social media.

We work with influencers in several industries, including fitness, fashion, photography, makeup, acting, music and more!
With top industry analytics tracking, keyword/hashtag optimization, and individually catered strategies, we are able to create the perfect growth metrics for each influencer we work with!

Not only do we help grow audiences for influencers, we educate upcoming influencers the step-by-step practices of creating stunning content and inspiring their audience on a daily basis.
Our various influencer services include Instagram engagement services, social media management, influencer strategy sessions, and more!

Our Services

Website design
We use current website trends and user testing tools to make sure you have a functioning website at its best-optimized potential. From personal websites to business websites, we have years of experience!
Social Media Marketing
Our social media marketing services provide you full outreach and coverage of your brand through engaging posts and content. We can help you make a statement on the most popular networks including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest.
Digital Production
Our production services are one-of-a-kind. Original, creative and bring your story and brand to life! While you are making a statement on the internet, you also need to share your businesses moments the best way you can. Our team provides full production support, from concept to final product!
Digital Advertising
We create premium, high-converting digital ads through Facebook, Instagram and online banner ads in order to get you closer to your target audience!
Influencer Engagement
Digital technology and Content Creators on Social Media have made a statement and a new approach to marketing. Influencers are content creators who work with companies to promote their products. We provide the best tools, resources, and support in our business that establish the successful online presence of our client’s social media and websites!

Our Specialties

Blockchain & ICO’s

One of our founders, as well as most of our team consists of blockchain guru’s. We immerse ourselves in this thriving industry and have become pros in marketing several ICO’s, which have resulted in millions of dollars for clients.

Music Industry

Most of us come from a background in the music industry, working with high-end artists and record labels such as Epic Records, etc.


We also come from a “creators” background. Our production teams consist of award-winning content creators, filmmakers, producers, videographers and artists. Our team has worked with previous companies such as NBC, HBO, Yelp, and more!

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