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Creative Design

We are first and foremost creatives! Pioneering the future of design and innovative ideas.

We Work With a Simple Formula:

Creativity + Technology = Influence

Web Design

Give your customer the experience they deserve when they discover you for the first time!

Influencers and Business

Our organization provides our expertise to two different sectors, our businesses, and our social media Influencers. Together, they create a perfect harmony of collaborations!

CORE Services

Website Design
We use current website trends and user testing tools to make sure you have a functioning website at its best-optimized potential. From personal websites to business websites, we have years of experience!
Social Media Marketing
Our social media marketing services provide you full outreach and coverage of your brand through engaging posts and content. We can help you make a statement on the most popular networks including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest.
Digital Production
Our production services are one-of-a-kind. Original, creative and bring your story and brand to life! While you are making a statement on the internet, you also need to share your businesses moments the best way you can. Our team provides full production support, from concept to final product!
Digital Advertising
We create premium, high-converting digital ads through Facebook, Instagram and online banner ads in order to get you closer to your target audience!
Influencer Engagement
Digital technology and Content Creators on Social Media have made a statement and a new approach to marketing. Influencers are content creators who work with companies to promote their products. We provide the best tools, resources, and support in our business that establish the successful online presence of our client’s social media and websites!

Highly Recommend!
I worked with Christian and the NextCore Media team on launching a handful of new projects for my company this past year, and they were great to work with. They helped me grow my social media platforms, launch my new website and most recently, an eBook and shop page. Christian is knowledgable, easy to work with and took the extra time to analyze and research my industry before starting any projects. I appreciated his attention to detail and how focused he was on helping me expand my business. I recommend NextCore Media and look forward to working with them again on future projects.

Audree Kate
My guys! A pleasure working with them. Thank you for the transparency and constantly going above and beyond for my company!

Allon Avgi
The Next Level!
I have to give a huge shout out to Next Core Media. Their team was so incredibly helpful to the advancement of my business. Having another set of eyes on your business, your website, and your social media is so valuable. While working with Next Core Media, I was able to refine my business offers, increase the functionality of my website, and really make a better and stronger impact on my audience.

Jaron Frand
Great Results!
Fantastic to work with and they provide amazing results. If you need to get a larger audience to your page, these guys are the best around!

Brian Blanco
Amazing Mentors!
NextCore Media has helped me immensely with marketing, teaching me fundamentals and how to grow my profile and as an artist. It’s great to know you are working with someone who cares and has your back. Every week they come to me with feedback and new insight. I know I can always count on them

Nicole Corona
Responsive and Attentive
Then Team is Wonderful, Very Responsive and Attentive and we love that, and it’s a pleasure working with everyone“

Maria (The PVLSE)
Great Service!
NextCore is full of energy and ideas. It is very important to have a concise and organized message, across all platforms, and this is where Nextcore excelled. They are hard working, always accessible, and can do almost anything marketing/advertising related.

Zenon Issel
President – Surffur
Really Beneficial
I work with Next Core Media COO Christian Ladigoski whose been incredibly influential with helping drive engagement through my online presence! Industry friends- check this out. It’s really beneficial!

Tayler Hamilton
NYC Actress
Incredible Team!
NextCore Media have an Incredible Team! This Company is Legit! Do yourself a favor and sign up, grow your following with a real great group of people pushing for your success!

Richard Wingert
Extremely Transparent
NextCore Media was extremely transparent and helpful. There work is calculated and very clean. I would recommend them to anyone in need of all things digital!

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About The CORE

NextCore Media is a Premium Full Service Digital Marketing Agency designed to support business and Influencer success!


If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!

About The CORE

NextCore Media is a Premium Full Service Digital Marketing Agency designed to support business and Influencer success!

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